Why would risk-averse individuals or entities ever expose themselves intentionally to risk and increase their exposure over time?

The quickest answer is VALUE CREATION

As individuals or entities, we must deal with risk that gives us an advantage in achieving a success over the competitions. It is true that risk exposes us to potential losses but risk also provides us with opportunities. Given an example of how Google could exploit the opportunity of the advertisement charge on the web. Google using different approach on calculating the advertisement charge based on actual number of site visit rather than using common business practice based on total traffic. The differences resulted in financial success.

Are we willing to take that opportunity?

As a strategist, we should assure our capability in mapping out the actionable plan in response to risks in all phase. Otherwise, we will only be a follower or even worse it could turn our life into catastrophic.

Managing risk should be done in align with Strategic Planning or Execution since we must assure that we are going to exploit the opportunity not only managing or avoiding the risks. 5 critical capabilities that we must be ready to win the market or the competitors who are also exposed to same risk are:

1. having timely and reliable information to mapping out the action plan in response to risk

2. Using right speed of the response to risks

3. Learning from past experience and knowledge on the response to risks

4. Having adequate resources on capital, technology, personnel in response to risk

5. Having a flexibility on operating, production, financial to build the action plan in response to risk

Last but not least, we must build a good risk-taking-organization and align with their strategy to win the market.

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